Some New Records, IFB Records Rule

Let me tell you, IFB Records is awesome.  Nevin Marshall is so quick and professional about getting records out.   Things are packed up well, mailed fast and friendly and the prices are killer.

Ft. Myers Florida is housing a real treat that you should  take advantage of next time you are ordering records.  They carry a lot of great hardcore / punk from other labels and of course Nevin has his own label that’s released tons of great records from Jiyuna, Merkit, Her Breath on Glass, Dead Friends, Carlisle, Roboteer, Hombrinus Dudes, and Resurrectionists and many more!  Upcoming releases include Drainland (I think that is Mark from Shikari’s new band?) and a 10″ from Panzram – that’s Joe and John from the band Merkit, and the former of Seven Inches to Freedom zine,  the latter of MRR and Your Day Will Come zine.

From the ‘philosophy’ part of the IFB website..

“We are a group of kids who believe strongly in the DIY ethic. DIY is not a stepping stone to get huge off of and then abandon – it has to be the centerpiece of our culture if we are to present any kind of meaningful alternative to the awful garbage of a culture we are currently mired in. We take pride in the music we release and we do all the design and packaging ourselves and are always trying to come up with creative looking stuff. We are opposed to this new trend in hardcore where labels and bands market themselves in a way that major labels do. You will not see barcodes on our releases, you will not see thick, glossy postcard advertisements or pictures of our bands dressed up with nice haircuts looking sexy. We are not out to make a sale. The music, the words, and the DIY spirit behind the whole thing are what’s important. We cannot let ourselves become a clone of the mainstream business world. We also cannot let the forces of capitalism coopt our culture and sell it back to us. Support DIY labels, bands, and projects. We encourage you to gag when you see a barcode on a hardcore record or when a label puts out ridiculous press kits with “selling points.” Please have fun and lead a meaningful, creative life.”

And Merkit is touring Europe soon! These guys are all super busy with great things and they are still sure to send your records fast and awesomely.

Anyway, here’s what I got.’ Red/Mihoen 10″
Seein’ Red/Catweazle 10″
I love Seein’ Red.  I love them more the longer they are around (over 20 years!), and they’ve been around forever.   Straightforward Dutch hardcore.   I saw them play at Trashfest in the Netherlands while on tour there and was totally impressed.  The drummer is amazing.  It’s insane to me that they are still doing the same kind of music for all these years.  The split with Mihoen is brand new and everything for that record is in Dutch.  And the Catweazle split is old, I just saw it on the list and never heard of it.

Resurrectionists – s/t LP
Wall of noise style German hardcore on the IFB label.  The last (and first) I heard of them was the split 7″ with Merkit.  The drumming is totally amazing. Two vocalists with the one low pitched and high pitched, while it’s classic, it doesn’t seem overused here. The songs are fast and pummeling with the exception of the Eyehategod cover at the end.  You know, which is just slower and pummeling. Brilliant stuff. Listen to them here.

[public.jpg]Iron Lung/Walls/Pig Heart Transplant LP
All 11 tracks on this LP were recorded while all 3 bands played together live at the Vera Project in Seattle.  Jon of Iron Lung also plays in Pig Heart Transplant, and Jensen (also of Iron Lung) plays in Walls…so you sort of get the picture here.  Last I heard copies of the LP are out of print. You can download the whole thing here if that’s your deal.  

Pollution – Nasty DNA LP

Dissonant hardcore ala Veriform Records.  The UK label Feast of Tentacles put this out.  The band is from Brooklyn NY, so I can’t help but think of Drunkdriver when listening.  With that reference in mind, I do hear the  occasional vocal effect – although the rhythm isn’t nearly as offbeat or jarring as Drunkdriver.   Also present is a tip of the hat to Die Kruezen and Rorschach’s mythical offspring.

logo Thou

And here’s the Thou stuff I got from the band. Still haven’t listened to much of it. From what I’ve heard so far, I really like the long song format, but them having many parts, not just slower and longer.  Pretty epic.

Thou “Tyrant” CD
Thou “Peasant C”D
Thou / Salome split 12″
Thou / Leech 12”
Thou “Baton Rouge, You Have Much to Answer For..” LP
Thou / Black September 7″

The discography page of the Thou website has links to almost everything they’ve recorded available for free download. Punk.  Check it out here.


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