Merlin is the size of a lemon.

We had our third appointment with the OB this morning and were able to hear Merlin’s heartbeat on the Doppler!  And you thought those things were just good for predicting weather… =)  Heart is beating strong at 153 bpm, which is in the perfect range for 15 weeks.  Our next appointment is in early May when we will be halfway through!  We will have another ultrasound and check the heart, lungs, kidneys, etc. to make sure everything looks good (which we know it will!).  And, if Merlin is cooperating, they should be able to tell us the gender at that time…and we can get to the business of picking out a REAL name.  Because no one wants a family member named after a wizard.

We also pre-registered at the hospital, so all the paperwork is completed and we can just wheel right past that step when checking in for delivery.  Convenient.  A tour of the hospital maternity ward comes in the next month or so and we are also in the process of researching birthing classes and interviewing doulas.  Did I mention we are going at this all-natural, with no interventions unless medically necessary?  That’s right.  No epidural.  You, along with 95% of everyone else we have encountered, may think we are crazy…but this is our plan, and we’re sticking to it. Epidurals (and other pain relief interventions) have become far too common, in my opinion, with over 75% of women opting for them during labor & delivery.  Childbirth isn’t something to fear…and, despite the pain, I am looking forward to the experience.  Should be a wild ride!

Otherwise, it is business as usual at the Jubinsky household.  As you can see from a previous post, Josh is redoing the floors in our bedroom, which means we are sharing Hannah’s room for the time being.  It is sort of like camping in your own home.  I thought Hannah would be thrilled to sleep with us, but in actuality, I think she liked it better when she had her own room.  My reading lamp keeps her up too late and she huffs and puffs until you turn it off.  Geez.

Hope everyone out there is doing great, and I look forward to bringing you more Merlin updates.

Until then, happy trails!



One Comment on “Merlin is the size of a lemon.”

  1. Uncle Paul says:

    No EPI impressive, your mother in law is proud. Parenting is nothing to fear and it is the best ride of your life! Regardless of all your planning some parts are still a roller coaster! I am so happy for you and Josh.Love from all the girls and I.

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