Nightstands v.4

Things are moving right along with the nightstands a couple hours at a time.

I got the panel for the sides glued up and dimensioned today.  Some planing and sanding mostly.   Here’s my sanding set up.  It’s pretty straight forward.  Since I’m crazy, I sanded a bit with the dust collector turned off and made a nice cough-filled mess. So, yes –  it picks up dust well,  especially the really fine stuff.

Below is probably the most unexciting picture I’ve every taken. It’s the panel inserts for the frames.

When I was sizing them down I was careful to keep the seam of the bookmatch down the center.

All of the other pieces, except for one bottom shelf, are dimensioned and ready to go  (Well, and the drawers get made after everything else is put together).

And by ‘ready to go’ I mean I have to cut tenons in the sides of the cross pieces, and router out mortises in the insides of the frames I just made.  This is the part where I determine how many nightstands we’ll actually have.  Two, one, or… none.

Here’s a horribly nerdy picture of me cleaning up the tenons for the frames.   Harbor Freight has these mechanic aprons for about $4.  It keeps me from running around constantly looking for a pencil, ruler and combination square.  The pencil behind your ear thing doesn’t work when you’re constantly removing or putting on ear protection.  Sometimes the apron keeps me from having to shower and change clothes before I go to the bar.  That’s a plus.





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