Bathroom is, mostly, done!

Two weeks of cabinetmaking, three days of getting everything out and new stuff in. Amber and I are both extremely thankful all are parents could come up to help. Her dad painted three rooms, ceilings and trim too – and my dad helped with all the bathroom install stuff, which got more than a little time consuming and funky at times. And a plumber friend of mine came over to change out the toilet flange in the floor. And of course the mothers and soon to be mother kept us fed and made sure we did basic things like sleep and sit down.

The day before any of them arrived, I had a 10 hour day making and fitting the drawers for the cabinet. And making sure they got two coats of poly on the sides, back and insides.

Being a small bathroom meant it was always pretty damp after a shower and the air had no place to go.  A good part of day one was cutting a hole in the ceiling for the new fan / light / heater.

Here's the official 'before' shot. It's doesn't look all that bad, but up close it's clear that stuff was pretty worn out.

Taking up the tile was amazingly abnormal and left us with a very uneven surface to work with. We had to add mortar mix to the underlayment to straighten it all out.

We cut out and fitted new underlayment after the mortar dried, so by day two we got to actually lay the new floor. Amber was happy I used her rolling pin to make sure the tiles were down smooth.

The new top we got was nice, except the holes were cut slightly too close to the back for the faucet. So I got to dremel away at the marble until the faucet fit well, but not so much that you could see the holes out the backside of the faucet. Seeing as how the top was a bit pricey, this was a bit scary.

And of course we ran into really fun plumbing issues, but eventually got the cabinet all set up.

At around this time we were visited by the Lukasik family, who were in town moving their oldest son into a new apartment.   Aunt Sue was sure to tell me she was an avid reader of the blog, so I promised a shout out.  ‘Sup aunt Sue!!

I still have a few things to do. A big one is making the cabinet doors and drawer fronts.  The vanity mirror needs a matching frame to go around it, and the new light fixture needs to get put in, as well as the electrical for the ceiling fan / light / heater.  Add some small stuff like toilet paper holder and trim paint then it’s done.


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