Garden Dudes

Saw two of these dudes yesterday.  I put the keys there for scale.  These caterpillars are huge!  And they should be since they are on a very steady diet of leaves from my jalapeno pepper plants.  I’ve been getting more jalapenos from the garden than I can make nachos for, and trust me – I’m trying to make nachos every night.  Pregnant ladies have those weird food aversions and cravings, you know? And apparently nachos every night isn’t what pregnant ladies want.  But these green dudes, they were all about the jalapenos.  They came out of nowhere though. It wasn’t like I saw little baby versions of them or anything. I was just watering yesterday and noticed a plant was missing half it’s leaves.

Lots of tomatoes and lots of jalapenos. Salsa gardening.


2 Comments on “Garden Dudes”

  1. Jenny says:

    I wonder if this is the culprit in our garden too. I’ve only been looking for those darn lubber grasshoppers, not anything that is the same exact color of the leaves!

  2. kelly says:

    horn worm. they will defoliate tomatoes in a hot second. not friendly. i’ve had army worms that seemed to be nocturnal, so jenny–check out your plants one night for pesky chompers.

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