Mortise and Tenon

Like a said before, something new for me. And I really wasn’t sure how’d it even work out until I was done.  The tenons could have been prettier, but at least they fit well.

Here it is all together and with all the curves cut.  The two open top spaces are for drawers.  The curved cross piece under the bottom drawer support sits back 1/16 of an inch.  Ideally, the drawer fronts will also sit back that 1/16 of an inch.

I’m finished with all the mortises on the second nightstand, and half the tenons are done. After that is good to go,  I can get together the tops to biscuit on and glue it all together.  Then comes making the drawers.

I like this design because the drawers won’t be so deep that stuff just gets lost in them.  And a large bookshelf area is perfect since Amber and I both tend to have a small stack of books on each side of the bed.


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