Bed, and more cedar boards.

Moving right along on the bed. I got the footer frame made up and the tenons cut.  Next was cutting the panels for it. I wanted each panel to be a mirror of the other.  They were about 12 inches wide at the highest point of the arch, so I resawed as much as a could on the table saw, then had to to the rest by hand.  It took about an hour with the hand saw.

Then I made a template for the arch. The template ensures that each piece is the same, and the headboard will probably have the same design and curves, so it’ll come in handy later.

After I got the curves cut,  I had to plane down the inside top of the panel a bit for a snug fit.  So far so good on the bed.


My dad brought up another cedar log yesterday. No part of this one was over the 6 inch depth my bandsaw could handle, although it was much longer.  Not sure what project the wood will be going towards, I wanted to keep as much board length as possible.  I needed one flat side to run the log through the bandsaw.  So first I sawed off any bits of limbs.

Then I took the fence off my very small jointer, set up outfeed support, and made a few passes to straighten out one side a little. I need it straight enough the the log doesn’t roll or twist when it’s at the bandsaw (that would break the blade and make my otherwise awesome morning pretty lousy). The side I cut on the bandsaw then becomes the flat bottom for the subsequent cuts.  This whole scenario made my jointer seem comically small.

With one slightly flatter side, I set up outfeed support on the bandsaw and very slowly and cumbersomely started to make one pass.

About half way through the log, I realized this isn’t such a great idea on my bandsaw. Even if I had made some sort of sled to run in the miter gauge of the saw, this log was pretty heavy and really pushing the limits of what the bandsaw table should be holding.  Having a second person would be helpful, but something about asking your pregnant wife to hold up the outfeed end a log as 2HP of 71″ long 1/2 wide blade cuts through it didn’t seem like the right thing to do. I got to a good stopping point on the log. Turned off the saw, backed out the wood, and cut off the unsawed portion.

I got the smaller one squared up and cut into boards. And then had to go to work.

Now that the big log has one flat side, I’ll be able to get it cut into boards without much of a problem.


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