Mabel Ella Jubinsky

Born September 21st, 2011 at 4:08pm. 7lbs, 4oz.

And really, we’re doing amazing. Lots of help from family (and of course more loving help to come) has gotten us all off to a great start. We’re on our own around the house now, and it’s going well.

The only reason we haven’t uploaded many pictures or done much on the blog isn’t lack of time (the leisure time is great, seriously). It’s because our internet is horrible, at least for uploading things. A minor setback, but face it, if you are reading this it means you’re taking what you can get, but you really want to see more pictures – I know. They aren’t cooperating when loading from my computer.  Stuff does load from my phone, they are just cell phone pictures and video though. I tend to put that up on facebook, or for you non-facebookers, at this link here.

Descriptions aren’t going to get to 1,000 words, but here are a few…

She is beautiful like her mom, and definitely has my long toes and fingers.

She doesn’t have a unibrow like her father. A concern of ours, as a bald child with a giant black-hair single eyebrow, would inevitably be nicknamed ‘plucky’.

I laugh EVERY time she gets the hiccups. And not just a little laughter or a little hiccups. I nearly have to leave the room to stop laughing, and she goes on 5 minutes. hic… hic…. hic…

She gets the hiccups a lot.

Yes, she has peed on me when I was changing her diaper.

She likes looking out the window and look attentive and interested when I play guitar for her.

But she also looks that way when she’s messing up her diaper really bad. So maybe I play guitar like shit?

She shakes a bit when you close cabinets doors, etc.

She lifts her head up really well when you have her on her belly.

She is not allowed to go to prom, or date until she’s 25.

She checks her own heart rate very well.


2 Comments on “Mabel Ella Jubinsky”

  1. Jaime says:

    She is beautiful Josh. I love the name. Give Amber my love and give Mabel a big kiss from me. Congratulations!

  2. Tried to teach Cora to say “Mabel Ella” but all she picked up was to blur the ‘elella’ over and over by flicking her tongue back and forth over her top gums. She and Stone thought that was funny, then decided that was talking and proceeded to “elella” to Stone as she tried to feed him.

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