Small Seating

So the morning of Mabel’s birthday, before she got here, I was working on my joined stool project. Days earlier I had already cut the legs and stiles for one side, and chiseled the mortises.   I started the chamfered legs as well, and, after the fact, realized these should have been deeper to stand out a bit more.  I got the top side stiles cut and mortised, and practiced the deeper chamfering on some of the legs.

Overall, going well.  When the mortises and chamfers are all done, I’ll flatten the top, then put it all together with drawbore joinery using walnut pins. No glue, nails, or screws – all 17th century style.  Ok, except me using the planer, table saw, and bandsaw…  I’ll say, all “17th century style joinery.”


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