Dream Shop…

I’ve been reading too much lately about vintage woodworking machinery, largely thanks to vintagemachinery.org. It’s interesting reading about the history of some of these tool manufacturers, and some of the owners accounts of how they got the tools, how they have refurbished them, and what they use them for today.

So I bring you my dream shop of cast iron, WWII-era, giants.

Of course these choices are made with no regard for my limitations of space, money, ability to move machines weighting over one ton, and the fact that I really don’t have enough free time to maintain and enjoying using these machines relative to what they would cost. Practicality – that’s the word. These are not abiding my basic sense of practicality.

The heart of any shop is a tablesaw, or so I’ve heard. So why not a 16″ dual arbor 1940’s sliding table saw by J.A. Fay and Egan Co? Maybe a ‘not for me’ if you don’t have three phase, or handing over your wallet to the power company every time you start up the 10hp motor doesn’t strike your fancy. 16″ blades though…

A jointer is a must, although a 4″ thick cast iron top is just for good measure. So here’s a 1956 Oliver 20″ jointer w/ 10 HP direct drive 480 volt motor.

I thought I was still keeping things within reason! I mean, here’s a 1943 24″ Oliver jointer.

too much, too much.

But of course a bandsaw… bigger the better.

A 1946 Tannewitz 42″ bandsaw. I was sure to get the one with a person standing by it. I think that sense of scale is important.

Of course, what kind of a father would I be, having all these amazing tools and nothing for my daughter to work with? I’m sure off to the side I’d have a set of shorter work benches and tools for Mabel. Something like this.. and as we see, she is already inviting over her friends.


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