Postcards from Mabel

A few nights ago Mabel and I took a break from our regular readings of Dostoevsky, Bryon, and Chaucer to look at a book of horrendously amazing postcards. It was entitled, fittingly, “The Worlds Tackiest Postcards.” We examined it with great fondness, then she promptly insisted returning to The Brothers Karamozov. Today, while reading the boring part of The Canterbury Tales, she said, “Father, I’ve been thinking. That book of postcards you have is simply gathering dust in our otherwise impeccably clean abode. I fancy such cards should in fact travel the globe as intended – don’t you?”

Oh, the things kids say! I couldn’t argue with that. So if you’d like a postcard from Mabel email your name and mailing address to  Include ‘postcard’ in the subject please!

She decided she’d paint her footprint on each card as well. A decision that made her very happy.

I helped her with this, and, in hindsight, realized that a smarter person than myself might have waited until she was sleeping to do fingerpaint footprints. Oh well.

The artist merit of the ‘prints’? Well, she’s a young artist.  The whole process was rather tiring though.


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