My Day “Off”

I am fully loving the stay-at-home dad party. This might sound weird, but it really is the perfect balance of chores and downtime.

That being said, I certainly appreciated my parents coming up last Friday. My dad brought up some more of the cedar logs from a tree he took down, and – while I mom was is baby watching heaven – we got to make some sawdust.

I called around the day before to a few places, trying to find a shop with a larger bandsaw to do the cutting, or at the least a larger jointer to, as a compromise, flatten one side enough to run through my bandsaw (Most of the logs were just an inch or two too wide in spots.) I’d be losing a few inches of board width, but if that was the best we could manage, oh well. Plus, this could be cheaper.

Our first stop was Florida Cypress, they had a big outdoor bandsaw mill, and the guy was super nice. He quoted me $50 an hour on the phone, and after seeing the logs, said it’d be about two hours, although they we too small for his mill, and he’d have to run them through his bandsaw (larger than mine).  The larger log (above), while thick enough for the bandsaw mill, was too short.   This guy basically dealt with very tall, very straight trees.  He told me that he didn’t think it’d be worth the money, as the wood had a lot of knots, and wasn’t all that straight.  I appreciated the honesty and rolled out. The shop that I know has the 20″ jointer was the next stop, and it was closed for the day.

We got back to my house, and decided we could trim the small logs up enough to make them JUST fit.

After a rather comical assortment of hatchets, axes, and handplanes – we got a flat enough side to use as a reference edge on the bandsaw’s table, and the log just made it under the bearing guides.  (As an aside, here is a good article / video on a technique to add a bearing guide inside the upper wheel housing.  I plan on doing this for the larger logs to help gain that extra inch of resaw capacity.)

After a few hours here’s what we ended up with.  Having someone to help on the outfeed end made the whole process much quicker –  and safer.  As large as these logs were, there really would have been no way I could have done it myself.

A lot of them have a nice bookmatch to them. They range from 4-5 feet long, and in thickness from about 1.5 – 2 inches.

The plan is to chainsaw the larger log in half so it fits in the bandsaw.  And we still have two other smaller logs, too.  Once they all dry in a few months, through  the planer they go.  Maybe enough for a cedar chest / toy box for Mabel?

My kind of a ‘day off’, but back to vacation for now.


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