Birthday Records!

Mabel turns two months old today!  And it was just serendipitous that she got a great present in the mail.  Ft. Myers resident Joe Lachut, friend, and author of the the zine Seven Inches to Freedom, read the post about the disappearing cassette, where I mentioned that Mabel was a fan of the Andrews Sisters. He had some LPs of them on hand after putting them on CD for his grandpa, and was kind enough to send them along with a few copies of the new issue of his zine (a donation for JPL’s Zine Collection.)  Thanks a ton Joe (and Jessi – congratulations on fun wedding times!).  Mabel and I will write you back soon.


2 Comments on “Birthday Records!”

  1. […] her all-time favorite, the Andrews Sisters, Mabel has been getting into a few other bands the past few weeks.  I try to not influence her […]

  2. […] loves music,and has a pretty nice record collection for a 5 month old.  She was very glad that Ms. Jenkins could sign her record, and that she […]

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