Woodworking Online

Some recent (awesome) changes in my life have meant that I’m not in the wood shop all that often.     I try to keep my days fairly planned with things to do. Activities fall under one of two categories. Things to do while Mabel is sleeping, and things to do while Mabel is awake. This helps me feel like I’m using my time wisely, and hopefully makes my leave time seem like it lasts longer.

One thing I set aside time for, while Mabel is sleeping, is learning about woodworking.  Mabel isn’t a fan of sawdust but I ensure her dreams are filled with all manner of modern “measure twice, cut once” internet education. And while the internet is often just a horrendous pile of monetizing crap with a facade aimed to make it stink a little less – some neat ideas do exist.  Here are a few videos and websites that I’ve made Mabel privy to in the hopes that her first words are miter gauge, kerf, or zero clearance insert.

I’m  posting some specific concepts and shop designs – general pages on woodworking and design I like, and for your  further perusal, include Woodgears, Lumberjocks, and Dornob.

Auxiliary Drill Press Table

The holes for clamps are good stuff.  I especially like the off center circular insert too. Rotate the insert a bunch and flip it before having to put in a new one. More about this build is online here.

Shop Tours

The internet is full of them. And more often than not they are interesting. Here is one with David Marks, he had some show on TV that I never saw,  but the shop tour is pretty cool. It’s twenty minutes long, a good way to spend a lunch break at work though.

One thing taken from this, if  nothing else, should be the quote…

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.”

Cove Cutting Calculator

I’ve only needed to cut a few coves, but that was enough to know that the trial and error of finding the right setup for the desired cove is a pain.

More information about cove cutting is here, and the calculator is online here .


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