Work week


With parents up for the week my mom is getting a lot of Mabel time, and my dad and I are getting a lot of stuff done around the house. Not even enough time to take pictures really.

The above picture is from putting a new and much needed window in the shop. (Thank you Jax Bargain Plywood going out of business sale for a crazy deal on a new window.) And below from running a vent through a wall in the house. First two days were mostly some kitchen cabinet, electrical and doorframe stuff. Everyone knows you don’t get good pictures from that.



2 Comments on “Work week”

  1. you two sure know how to have a good time! called yer dad yesterday afternoon to see what ya’ll were up to today; had thought about coming over.

    • Josh Jubinsky says:

      bah! you know he never has his cell on him. yeah, a third person to hold up the back end of the garage while we went on a beer run would have been handy. Mabel doesn’t help much at all. Today we’re Christmas shopping at a salvage yard, and finishing sawing the cedar logs into boards. Call if you’re on the way!

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