Resawing Cedar and New Window!

This may not seem like a big deal, but what a difference a window makes!  Southern facing and up high; minimize break-in-ability, maximize seeing clouds instead of random neighbors crap. Love it.

Sawing this cedar tree into boards has definitely been done in a  few or more stages.  My dad and I ran out of time today, so I still have a few boards worth left of a log.

Started with the bigger log – ripping it with the chainsaw to make two pieces that would fit in the bandsaw.  One end had a lot of  wood tension from branches. We ended up cutting that off.  It might be something I can use hand tools to cumbersomely turn into a few workable panels at some point. But the chainsaw blade was quickly loosing steam.

Lots of good smelling shavings though. Ended up with a driveway of cedar potpourri.

And of course two good sized slabs we could get through the bandsaw.

The chainsawed side would be facing down on the bandsaw table as the reference to have the board cut as straight as we could get it. Planing down the high spots on this edge kept the cut from wavering, or worse yet the log from shifting on the table and breaking the blade or saw.

Then we got to move on to the rest of the logs – picking the flattest side and planing a bit here and the so it stays against the table well.

All said and done, should end up with a good deal of boards. Because of the contour of some of the logs, some pieces got a bit thin in spots, but they were mostly all good. The one to the right is one that isn’t finished yet. The cuts weren’t going as well since we didn’t get a good reference side to start with. Also the blade was getting dull.  I’ll still need to plane a side of that log flat before heading back to the saw.

In a few months these will be dry and ready for squaring up.  Along with the other stack, about the same size, it should certainly be enough to make something neat with.


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