Four Months…Already!

While she’s not quite driving a car yet, Mabel is growing, growing, growing!  We had her four month appointment with the pediatrician yesterday and things are going swimmingly.  She is a whopping 13 lbs 11.5 oz (that’s the 60th percentile, thank you very much) and measuring in just shy of 25 inches.  She also got a “she’s ahead of the game” report from the doc in reference to her head stability.  So, yeah, we have a great kid.

We got the go-ahead to begin introducing solids to her diet over the next two months, but Mabel is barely meeting the minimum requirements, so we might hold off for a bit.  There is no rush (she’ll be eating solid foods for the rest of her life, so why push it?) and some studies show that introducing these foods too early can lead to childhood obesity, diabetes, and other diet related ailments.  Plus, she is growing just fine (great, actually!) on the liquid diet.  We are going to give it another month or so before rechecking the criteria (over 13 lbs, eats 40 oz of milk daily and still ‘acts hungry’, and visually tracks food while you eat) to see if she is ready to take her first tastes.  Even once she starts, she’ll be getting the bulk of her nutrition and calories from milk.  This is really just an opportunity to teach her how to use those chompers (once they start coming in).

And of course, the four month appointment means the dreaded VACCINATIONS.  She didn’t know what hit her…although I hear it just gets worse as they get older and start to realize what is coming.  We weathered a few very upset moments and then she spent the rest of the day sleeping it off.

A bit grumpy today, but nothing major.  I’m sure she’ll be her happy-go-lucky self by the time we pick her up after work!

Josh didn’t work over the weekend, so we had a bit of time to get to some of the projects that have been looming over us (weirdly, there isn’t as much time to do things now that we have a baby).  I am working on a photo gallery set up in the mini hallway between the bedrooms and bathroom.  It involved spray painting, testing arrangements with wrapping paper cut outs, and (of course) hammer and nails.  All of the empty frames are up, but now we have to find photos, artwork, etc to fill them.  I am taking pictures along the way and will post about the process and finished product.  We are excited that  our hallway is taking on a life of its own and isn’t just a place to pass through!

Josh spent time this weekend organizing oodles of photos from his childhood, college years, and band tours into albums.  From what I understand, he is up to 2001.  Whew!

In other news, we ordered the new countertops for our kitchen make-over!! We still need to order the flooring, but the plan is to install everything with the help of Josh’s family during the long President’s Day weekend.  Then we’ll paint (so long, Guacamole…you were a good color for a while) and cover that obnoxious fuse box (with something easily removable in case I run the blow dryer, food processor, and dehumidifier at the same time).  Shiny new(ish) kitchen in our future?  Check.

And to wrap up?  A photo of Mabel getting ready to cruise to Lowe’s this weekend.  She loves DIY home improvement and chewing on Green Bean the Owl!


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