Planers Don’t Make Things Flat.

Sometimes people ask how I am learning about woodworking.  Mostly from books, ::AHEM:: librarian. The above image was taken from a book by Jim Tolpin titled “Woodworking Wit and Wisdom.” It has a lot of good information, but none more pertinent to what I need to do next that the above information about a planer.  Simple, important, and very useful seeing as how I have  over 100 board feet of cedar to dimension.   I had a little time one evening to try it out with some of the smaller boards.  Jointing one edge square, and face-jointing one side flat.  These sides will be reference points for the planer (to parallel the faces) and the table saw (to parallel the edges).

One side flat and one edge square.  It went well enough, though these boards are the maximum width across that I can face plane.  Most of what I have are wider boards.  Those will be done using the jointer, but also a handplane.

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