While the Glue Dries

So last Wednesday morning before work I got around to a few thing in the shop.

I got the start of the display case glued up.  The space above the shelves get narrower towards the top. You can’t tell as much in this picture because of the angle the photograph was taken.

 Yes, it would make more sense to apply the finish first.  I am going to experiment with a wood conditioner or pre-stain grain filler though on a few test pieces.   It’s easier to finish parts first, but not a necessity, and the final finish won’t really suffer either way.   I was looking forward to getting it glued up, so on my next day off I can get to the dovetail splines on the router table.

Speaking of router tables, while the glue was drying on this box, I made arrangements to meet with a guy I know who does a lot of laminate work for offices and big businesses etc.  He had set some scrap aside for me for my new router table fence.  So I went to pick that up.

Nothing like a free 3/4 birch plywood board with laminate on both sides to get excited about!

Sah-weet! And I got the T-Track and hardware on sale a while back.  So at some point this stuff turns into this:

It’s already insane how much dust is collected from the intake underneath the table.  So an integrated intake in the fence will probably make for fairly dust free routing – an operation that is usually, along with sanding, known for being the messiest.

I was also able to get some more dimensioning done on the cedar. Enough in fact that I got to move on to some of the boards too large for my jointer, that needed one side handplaned ‘flat enough’ for the planer.

Party on.


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