Don’t worry, folks!  All is okay on the home front.

After a bit of deliberation (and a surprise move on my part) Josh and I decided to split this blog a bit to make it more user friendly.  In fact, we’ve created a second, brand spankin’ new blog called Mabel Land.  That site is going to feature all of our posts about our favorite family member under the age of one, home improvement, DIY projects, etc.  This site might continue to have a bit of that, but is mainly going to be dedicated to Josh’s woodworking, music, zines, fun internet finds.  Both sites will be awesome, so bookmark them, put them on your blog reader, whatever you have to do…but keep coming back.  We love you guys.

We think this is a good move.  We hope you will too.

Happy Trails.


One Comment on “Splitsville!”

  1. Abhishek says:

    Here is a similar idea.
    Patrick Rhone (Minimal Mac) curates this site for his daughter.
    It is written from the POV of his daughter as if she is a Duchess.


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