House and Shop Improvements

So the flooring arrived a week ago, but before it can go down I need to fix some of the water damaged spots in the subfloor.    The area by the sink was done last week.  I took a few hours on Sunday to get the flooring by the door.

It got pretty exciting, and all the bad spots have now been replaced with pressure treated plywood.  One step closer to a new kitchen floor.  Next is scraping off all the tile adhesive and sanding out any unevenness between panels.

With that done I gave myself some time on Wednesday morning for some of the fun woodshop stuff.   I was saving a large door to be the top of a large assembly table I desperately needed.    The wood cart I had made was too large, and just collected small bits of wood that’d I’d never use.  I took that apart a few days prior.

I needed a large table for a few reason.  A year or so ago I made a planer cart for my planer and small jointer.  It stored under my table saw wing. It worked fine, except now that a router hangs from my table saw wing, I have this random cart with no good place to put it.

The table was also going to be very helpful for putting together larger projects.  I quickly realized, when starting to work on the bed, that all the work surfaces I have in the shop are fairly small.  A larger table for gluing things up would come in handy, especially since the floor on the shop is pretty uneven in places. Working on the floor sucks anyway.

I also wanted it on wheels – so I could move it to the middle of the room (or even outside) to access both sides of the table for adjusting clamps, etc. And of course, I wanted space underneath for the planer and other larger benchtop tools. This way I could easily put them on the table, work, and put them away easily. The drill press fell into this category too. I’m surprised how much I use it, but it doesn’t need to be ‘set up’ all the time.  If I find out having it out all the time is crucial, I can keep it on one of those smaller work tables I have.

So here it is.

Horizontal  alignment is important.  It’s the same height as my other small wookbench with a wood vise.  This way I could put the two together if a needed a really big work surface.  It’s lower than my table saw too. Not that it’s anywhere near my table saw, but if things ever get rearranged or I’m in a different space down years from now, it won’t get in the way of the table saw outfeed.  And I could always add something to the table for outfeed support.

Of course everything worked fine on paper with the simple plan until I finished it and went to put the drill press under the table. DOH!  The tallest of the tool didn’t quite make it. You’ll notice on the right side of the table a piece cut out – that’s so the drill press fits. Oh well.  I added support behind that as well, since  I took out half of the 2×4.

Next up I am going to extend the dust collection intake across the ceiling to have a drop down hose for this table – mostly for the planer.  And I got a cheap mobile base for the jointer I have to put together.  Quick stuff. And after that (and finishing the kitchen remodel) it’s off to making the bed!


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