Notecard Box Project

A few months ago Amber found this neat family history concept online – something between journaling and… doing nothing, I guess.

We don’t have time to ‘journal’ and doing nothing isn’t really our style.   Basically you have a box of notecards, each one labelled for each day of the year.  On one line you write a quick description of something noteworthy that happened that day; Mabel got her first tooth, the dog ate a pillow,  Josh got a raise at work.  Of course it has to be something that actually happened, no mythical raises.

You continue doing this every day of the year (we often play a bit of catch up), until – you know – the year is over. Then you start on the first card again and go, “Oh wow – this day last year I ate a dozen donuts.”

It’s going well and will only get cooler as time goes on and we keep using it.  Thus far we’ve kept the cards in a plastic box.  Naturally, I thought this whole project could benefit from being in slightly more elaborate box.  So I made one.

I planed down some scrap sapele, cut them to fit our cards, mitered the joint edges, and put a groove in one side for the bottom. Then I realized the card would be much easier to get out with an open space on the side. So I cut 1 3/4″ circle out of each long side.

Then I cut a groove in the top to later accept the lid, and I glued the whole thing together.

After drying, I cut grooves for the splines

Then I cut maple splines to fit and glued them in.

In the past I’ve used a handsaw to cut off the splines. I used the bandsaw for these. Maybe in the past I just hand cut them because I only had a few to do at once, or maybe because the boxes were too large for the bandsaw. I don’t know.   Either way, this went fast.  And then I just used the belt sander to get them flush.


And after a little tinkering with the right height at the router, I got the corners rounded over the way I wanted.

Up next – the lid!

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