Plain Hand Plane…

An extra hour one morning before work yields a simple holder above the workbench for my handplanes.

The two planes on the top belonged to my great grandfather.  I cleaned them up best I could. The block plane on the top left is the earlier model of the #18, which they started making in 1888. More about it here (scroll down).   The smaller 5 1/2″ block plane on the right was in production from 1877-1962 according to the previous link.  It’s an earlier model with the solid lever cap, whereas the later models have an opening in the cap.  The bottom left is a 8″ smooth plan that my dad gave me, and the bottom right is a 10″ smoothing plane I got from craigslist.

While we’re at it, what else is on this wall…? The blue handled spokeshave is mostly a piece of crap.  It was $3 at harbor freight and I couldn’t resist at least trying it.  The scraper set has been really useful though. I nice cheap intro to using scrapers – I got them from Rockler.

I need to move my straight chisels to this side of the shop. Not that the room is that big, but any time I go to use them I end up walking back and forth to take them to his bench anyway.  I plan on getting a set of chisel gouges for carving soon, those will go above the screwdrivers.  To the far left is a Pfeil Smiss made v-gouge I got on Ebay for cheap enough.   The mallet on the upper right I made, to use for carving. The hammer below it was the one I used at my grandpas shop to practice with nails when I was a kid.  It still gets use, which is nice. Tools and family history all wrapped together.


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