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So you may have noticed in the past week I’m not just posting about family stuff and woodworking, but also the occasional single picture.  These are from my phone and pretty quick to do.  That is, as opposed to sifting through the hundreds I’ll take over a the span of just a few hours to find 10 to post.  I love my real camera and I plan on posting things both ways.  Posting pictures from the phone just allows me to keep the blog regularly updated with (I hope) something interesting, without dedicating a few hours every week to sift through pictures and write stuff out.   Sometimes I use these few hours of blog creation to read instead.

Since I’ve relegated some of the posts here to being shorter, why not occasionally brief you on what I’ve enjoyed reading recently?

New York Times “Let’s Be Less Productive”

A great article about, in part, the value of human services being worth more than material production. “it is the time spent practicing, rehearsing and performing that gives music, for instance, its enduring appeal. What — aside from meaningless noise — would be gained by asking the New York Philharmonic to play Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony faster and faster each year?”  I’m sure nearly every business faces this dilemma. Less resources, less people. And yet the graphs for production, stats – however it is you measure doing good in the field – must be better, more, faster etc that the year previous…

“The Workbench: A Complete Guide to Creating Your Perfect Bench.”
by Ron Schleining

I got this at the library of course. If you are at all interested you can scan a good third of it at the ‘click to look inside’ on here.  Naturally if you like it, resort to your library.  A read this because of the sea of workbench books I’ve been reading about lately.  Mostly from Christopher Schwarz and Scott Landis.  I think the Youtube channel of ‘The Wood Whisperer’ doing a multi-part workbench build for a ‘guild build’ (something you pay for) also got the modern ‘internet woodworkers’ all chatting about building workbenches.

Anyway, my library didn’t have the other ones (don’t worry, I will Inter-Library Loan them) – so I read this one.  It’s a good mix of how they work, why they work, and the history of the different types.  Actually the history is a bit hidden in the text, as it’s not divided up into chapters by bench type, but instead by bench attributes.   Also, one chapter is dedicated to premade benches, and an exciting twenty five or so pages review bench styles and goes over plans to make them.  A seriously great book to read about workbench design.


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