Vacation / Shop Vacation

I just spent four of five days in a cabin for some vacation chilling with family. I say four or five because half a day was spent dealing with some food poisoning or some such, and apparently getting a mild concussion from tubing in a creek with rapids. I say apparently since I realized the scab on my head when I got home. I guess pain gave it away too or something.  Regardless, it was a good time, and the real point is…. I’m still on vacation.

Yep –  home and on vacation… staycation, or whatever. I’ve probably had eight or so hours in the shop and it’s been fun. And no, I didn’t finish the bed. Or finish those little kitchen remodel details.  I am on vacation. (Actually, working on the bed happens today.) Also –  you’ll notice I’m posting about some shop stuff instead of posting some account of the trip and sorting through the amazing pictures. I am on vacation. 


It went like this….  I came home from the vacation part where we went away, putting some stuff away in the garage and – AHH! My shop!  1) The crappy but useful closet shelf a roommate had put up fell off the wall.  2) An eight inches across splattering circle of rust was on the table saw top.  The one time the garden does good while I’m gone something else has to get goofed up.  I may have just recently put some more wood on that shelf, making it potentially too useful.  And actually the rust is a mystery. It’s pouring now and the ceiling isn’t leaking so.. I dunno.

After some yard work and required housework, I get some shop time.

I needed a new shelf. And with the one one gone, it was much more obvious that the wall cabinet was in the wrong place.  It split the room up too much. Of course moving it means emptying it, sorting the crap out, putting up the cabinet again, and neatly putting stuff away.   So that happened. I moved it into the corner.

Then I bought and put up some more shelves.  And moved the clamp rack. Wait – no, I had to make a`larger clamps rack because now I have more clamps.  Then I organized what wood went on the shelves. Plus getting rid of a huge trash can of wood I am now realizing I’d never use. I was on a roll.

With the shop fairly together did I start working on the bed?


I knew my miter gauge sucked. And of course when sorting through scrap I saw a nice piece of MDF.  A bit later….

It has an adjustable stop block, and multiple holes across the front so when the end gets too cut out, or a piece needs more support, the fence can move over the blade more.  Also the bottom edge is chamfered, so when dust on the table builds up, it’s out of the way so the work piece sits properly on the fence.   I’d like to think I’m clever, but really I just read about this stuff too much.

The t-track groove was cut with a router bit I got online for $10.

Oh course having a place to put this beefed up miter gauge led me to spend some time creating some dedicated wall space for some jigs and tools. Wall space that was previous boards leaning against the wall. Left to right, levels, zero insert clearance plate, box joint jig, router table fence, crosscut sled, and of course the new miter gauge.  To the upper right of the window (not pictured) is the spline and dovetail spline jigs, as well as some featherboards.


So things we pretty organized and rocking.  Then I got this set of gouges for Father’s Day! An early father day gift. I spent 20 minutes with them and banged out some real useless crap.

But it was fun. And I’m pretty confident I could and will get good at using them. I need to get some easy patterns to practice with.  But until then, these gouges need a box!

I was about to make one (there goes more time) when I realized I had one. It was from a set of screwdrivers I got.  I just had to cut support pieces for the gouges.

It even hangs at the workbench when not it use. Snazzy.


Good stuff. It’s drawer making time.


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