Audio Rack Commission pt. 1

There was a point, probably around college, that I was into electronic music doo-dads and computer music, etc.  Much like being into computers, I haven’t kept up with it.   I use the same program to record stuff, the same mics, the same 4 track as a mixer that I pretty much did in high school.  It’s fun, but for as much as I use it, putting any money into it would be a waste.  Even now, stuff I don’t use with a certain frequency I try to pass along.   Anyway –  I don’t think it’d be able to do much of anything with this modular synth except make some random bleeps and boops.  But some local talent came to me asking about a custom rack for his bleep machine, and that I can do.

Here’s the box glue up. 3/4″ birch plywood with rabbeted corner joints.

The back panel sits in a groove cut for it and lifts out the top.  Cutting ventilation holes.

Rack unit in place.  The final box will have walnut frame over all plywood joint and edges.  Extra space is above the rack per request; he said he’ll be getting another unit soon.

And yes, he took all the fancy electronics out of the unit so I could borrow it for the build. Expensive electronics and wood dust don’t sound like friends.


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