I had to move my table saw up a few feet to rip some longer boards for the bed top.  It becomes a lazy spoiled habit since it almost never needs to move, so I get slightly grumpy when I have to move it.  I don’t know why.  But it is nice to have the space to still do stuff inside. I guess a lot of people would be pushing the saw into the driveway, etc…

Speaking of spoiled, Harbor Freight had a sale on these mats. $10 for four of the squares.  I got a set for by the table saw and by the bench.  H-u-g-e difference for the days of standing 6 hours on the uneven concrete floor.   They sweep off well too.  They do need a word of caution, like everything from Harbor Freight.  AIR THEM OUT before bringing them indoors.  I noticed the smell when I opened them. It’s like sticking you head in the smokestack of whatever oddball Chinese plastic foam factory they were made at – with a headache to go with it.  They sat outside overnight and then were fine.


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