Books n Bed

Here’s a handful of bad recent pictures from my phone!

Every morning Mabel and I play in the dining room as I try to eat breakfast and wake up with some coffee.  She’s getting more interested in the bookshelves. Soon enough we’ll have to replace the bottom shelf with some of her board books.  But for now, I try to convey to her the basic concepts in her selections from my books.

I finished the top of the bed and got to put that all together. The huge drawers are already insanely helpful.

I got the footer all glued up, too. Planing the top even…

While the glue dried on that I started planing some of the butternut boards. It’ll still be 4-5 months before they are dry and stable enough to use. Until then, I’m going to get a handful of the boards rough planed to keep in the shop. It might make for better dry time. But I don’t want to do it with all the boards since A.) I don ‘t have space, and B.) they might dry too fast, and crack. I’ve read enough to know it’s an inexact science. I’m using my planer and jointer, and when Mabel is sleeping I use my hand planes (picture in previous post). I’m thinking of it as good hand plane practice too, since I don’t want to have to rip everything down to 12″ or less. At least a few of the of the larger planks I’d like to keep the width of…

And I found a bullet in the heartwood of one of the boards! Cut right through the lead and copper on the bandsaw.


One Comment on “Books n Bed”

  1. Too much time on your hands; time for your dad to be granpa again.

    Gregory Jubinsky The Ragged Glory Farm Organic Vegetables & Herbs PO Box 772 Havana Florida 32333

    Certified Naturally Grown Red Hills Small Farm Alliance

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