Raking Light

A little Friday night, a little Saturday morning. In between things like pressure washing and walking with Mabel.  The butternut carves nicely.

Not long after I carved these sides, I made the bottom, mitered the corners, and glued it up.  The chamfer on the top and bottom outside came after, to try and take away from it looking so bulky.  I left the wood thicker as a precaution since this sort of carving is still pretty new to me, and working with this wood is very new to me.  Next time the panel will be thinner.  I’ll probably do a chamfer on the inside too.  Then comes a top.

Amber got me this DVD for my birthday.  I finished watching half of it so far. Neither of the designs above were from the DVD, but it’s been helpful so far for technique and ideas. A design straight from the 17th century is next time.


One Comment on “Raking Light”

  1. […] time I posted about this box it was just the empty bottom part.  Yesterday morning I did a quick compartment grid for the […]

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