Boxed in.

Practiced some more dovetails on the bandsaw with a jig a made. Still a lot of handwork cleaning them up to fit. And practice still needed to get that right. Good enough.

Unlike other times I practiced these,  I figured I’d do the whole box. Last random box, I promise. Next it’s the TV stand and cabinet under the picture window. Still working out the design for that.

Back to this box. The oak is cuttoffs from tounge and groove flooring I found. I hold onto this stuff like it’s gold. And while it would cost a bit to get any amount of it to build anything substantial. I only have enough for a box or two; might as well use it for that. Maybe it’ll hold chisels, I don’t know.

Trying different things too. The bottom is one 1/4″ oak piece that just glues in. Quick, but hardly the best option. A stopped groove for the panel would have been better – being a mechanical joint and not just  glue.  If the chisels all hit the floor I’ll let you know.

A frame and panel top with oak and sapele? What else am I going to do with this scrap?


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