Computer Junk Not Working. And the Opposite..?

So the website I use to send my Instagram pictures I post from my phone to the blog, If This Then That, stopped sending the pictures.  I am working on it, and sent them a ticket. But, you know, whatever.  I have too many pictures to sift through from the past few weeks to put some good ones up on Mabel Land anyway.  The last post was about Halloween. I’ll get on that instead.

Speaking of things not working, here’s Mabel taking a break from raking leaves.



And for that ‘opposite’ in the title. People working, and it having nothing to do with computer stuff. Here’s a few neat old woodworking pictures I found.

Anaheim Union High School, Girl’s Wood Shop Class. Circa 1921-1922.



You can zoom in here.

And here’s a picture from a 1930’s woodshop class at Clemson.



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