Tool Cabinet pt. 2

I think I just like having something to do while I’m listening to music.

I cut the vertical boards to length, then marked and cut out most the waste from two sets of the tails today. Then I slowly pared with the chisel and filed away until it fit.


Photo Feb 26, 9 31 34 AM

Much better.

Photo Feb 26, 9 40 19 AM

I’m thinking for the forth corner I should be pretty decent at this.

The method I use on the bandsaw for cutting the pins works well enough for board this wide (mentioned in my previous post). Actually, any wider and my angle jig falls off the bandsaw table. If I’m ever cutting dovetails in wider boards..    I’ve seen people make auxiliary bandsaw tables. That’s doable.  But really, anything much larger would probably be easier just cut my hand. Oh well, not this time.

Here’s the wood for the drawer fronts.  Spalted oak I got last year from a tree someone took down and curbed in Avondale. The plan there is half blind dovetails. Something I’ve never done before. We’ll see though.

Photo Feb 26, 9 42 19 AM

In keeping up with the project time, I’m up to four hours.


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