Sunday Times. Tool Cabinet part 4. (and deck benches and new chisels)

A few days earlier I got some mail.  A new set of chisels.
Photo Mar 02, 8 33 17 AM

And two carver’s punches.

Photo Mar 02, 8 33 01 AM

The chisels aren’t super nice or anything, but certainly better than the nicest ones you’d see for sale at a big box store.  Sharp with decent steel and oval handles, so they don’t roll off the bench. That’s a step up for me.  I have a hand down set of two Stanley’s that are actually pretty great.  And then 3 or 4 plastic handled Stanley’s that are mostly good for scraping off glue. The punches were $2, and I thought they could be neat embellishments on any carving I was doing.

While Mabel napped, I had some time on Sunday to work on the tool cabinet. I cut the dadoes for the beech drawer runners.  And cleaned them up with one of those new chisels.

Photo Mar 03, 2 32 24 PM


I thought it worked great – until I was cleaning the dadoes on the drawer divider and thought a router plane makes more sense. And yes it does. It worked much better. So much for trying to use my new chisels just yet.




While Mabel was awake I mostly worked on the benches for the deck. It was dark outside by the time I was finished. Next for the deck is all the horizontal rails along the sides. You can see two of them in this picture on the right side.

Photo Mar 03, 6 58 06 PM

And maybe a table. The small round table we have looks some serious nonsense at these benches.

Anyway, back to the other bench.  I had a tad more work in the evening to get everything fit together on the cabinet.  Here it is all dry fitted.

Photo Mar 04, 8 30 47 AM



Next up, doors and drawers.   The doors will actually be like boxes 1.5-2″ deep. So the tools on the doors don’t interfere with tools in the cabinet. Likewise the space around the drawers comes out a bit to compensate for this distance so everything is flush. If I had used wood I bought, the side panels would just have an “L” shape, jutting out at the bottom for the drawers. But then I would have spent over $100 on this cabinet so far.  The bottom box area for the drawers might be cherry and the doors oak. Still seeing what I have enough of…

Probably close to nine hours so far.


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