More Records!?

Does the world need more vinyl records? Especially even 7″s / 45’s…?   I don’t know.  But any project teetering on the edge of financial suicide (Joking. Kind of..?) makes it more fun, yes? Oh course, looking at every endeavor financially doesn’t make for much fun.  It’s a cultural investment.  Or even at the worst, just a hobby. Certainly more interesting that playing golf, and probably less costly.

Yep, so I’m starting to release records again. Since 2001 I’ve put out 27 or so releases. Thankfully, I’ve gotten rid of most copies – which is great, since otherwise I’d have a garage full of records no one wants.

It’s been about two years since I’ve done any releases.  A friend (who hasn’t taken two years off, but instead been very busy doing great things in the music world), got back to me when I told him I was getting back into it.  “It’s a weird game but it’s a good game, and it needs you.”  That was nice.  Weird? Certainly, yes. I’ll see how the other stuff pans out.

One catalyst was a new record store that opened in town. Conveniently on my way home from work.  The young owner is happy to let me consign albums there, as well as order things to sell. We have such varying tastes we don’t step on each others toes with orders. It helps get things rolling with the label’s mail order, since instead of my inventory just sitting in my garage, it can sit at a store. And I can use the little bit of money made from the store to fund releasing records. Instead of, like, trading a family vacation for having 500 LPs of some obscure crust punk band.

Here’s my online contribution to this weird game – Dead Tank Records.

So new records – one is ready to go. It’s a split 7″ with a Jacksonville band, Captive Bolt, and an author/professor Gary Francione. A wordy soliloquy perhaps, but information about the band and author is found here.  You can go straight to listening to Captive Bolt’s music here. I’m holding back the author’s contributions from digital tyranny until the record is actually done – a weird game, indeed.

Chances are, if you casually read this blog for it’s other “merits” – woodworking, pictures of a cute kid, you are related to me, etc –  you probably won’t like this music.

You probably knew that.


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