Tool Cabinet Party!

Portland was fun! Pics, etc, on that soon enough at the Mabel land blog.  Clearly between my wife and I we post something every few months, with the exception of course of quick stuff from my phone. Which, no clue why a few of those previous ones didn’t load properly.

So yeah, in Portland a week and a half, then i\I spend a few hours in the shop and that is what you get an update on..

Drawers done on the tool cabinet. Here’s the most boring picture first.

photo (6)


I did one set of drawers first, then thought some variation in the depth of the drawer would be nice. So the second set has the sides cut-away.

This picture should help it make more sense.  Just a dry test fit before gluing up.

photo (7)

Here’s two of the four drawers glued up. One of each type. The deeper ones are rounded over throughout the inside. More comfortable getting things in and out.

photo (5)

The drawers aren’t very deep and really, they’re made to be taken out while working.  One drawer would be a set of something, or tools that go together, etc. For instance, carving chisels and a mallet. Or tools for steps of a sharpening regimen.   You get the idea.

Here they all are together and in the case.  They slide decently, but will definitely need some paste wax after I finished the cabinet.  The reveal is still slightly off between the drawers to the right, and obviously they need some sort of handle.  BUT – it was my first time doing something like this and using the same board to line up and cut four drawers from. The grain isn’t super strong in the Butternut, but the continuity is very much there.

photo (4)

Previous tool cabinet stuff here.

Gluing up cabinet box / routing for back –
Dadoes for drawer slides –
Doors –
Starting drawers –

Ok, ok .. and here’s a picture of Mabel and I on vacation. One of the ones that won’t load on this page.

photo (8)


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