Bench / shoe storage, etc

Our front porch is back in action, and fit for human use since we only have one cat now.  Years of using the back door like a hippy is about to change.

Thank said, a suitable place to sit and store shoes would be handy.  I started working on that today.

I’m starting with a handful of fir 2×6″s.  I got these from someone in the neighborhood who emailed me a year or two ago about a renovation they were doing.  They said they had all this wood for free. And they just sort of happened upon my blog and thought I could use it.  As most the homes in the area it looked about 1950’s or so.  So at least 60 year old fir. Tight grain. Good stuff.

Rough though, a bit warped, and with nails.

Nail removal.
Photo Sep 22, 3 42 06 PM

They I straightened one side so it sat firmly and square on the band saw table.

Photo Sep 22, 4 02 03 PM

Here’s a piece after resawing on the bandsaw for the rails.

Photo Sep 22, 4 02 11 PM

Planing short pieces for the legs.

Photo Sep 24, 9 14 37 AM



You can  see here how I now have the long sides (faces) are parallel, but the edges aren’t square.

Photo Sep 24, 9 18 10 AM

I squared up on side and edge on the jointer, they ripped the leg to final width on the tablesaw.
I also ran the thinner stock for the rail through the planer to get rid of the bandsaw marks.

Four legs blanks, and stock for the rails.

Photo Sep 24, 9 32 55 AM

Thinking the top and panels with be some of the butternut boards I have.




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