Been a while!

Wow. Blog times have been few and far between.  My grandpa would have defined the time as “a month of Sundays.”

A lot is happening with, well .. a lot. On the non-familial front, the record label takes up some serious time and is fun. Some big projects coming up. Largely though it helps keep me involved in a musical world and community I enjoy. Amber is busy conquering a new job.

Family time is where the action is nonstop. A big busy juggle between present and future. Mabel is a serious blast and a ton of fun. The shuffle is working towards and prepping for our second child as well. Balance is always paramount.

Here’s a slice of the past though, with some pictures from Easter.















One Comment on “Been a while!”

  1. susan says:

    Awesome pictures!!! I’m hiring you as the photographer for the next family event!!!! See ya soon…

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