Sugar Mill Tabby Ruins

Stopped here with a sleeping Mabel after a full morning at the St. Mary’s aquatic center and a big lunch.

IMG_7428 IMG_7478 IMG_7427 IMG_7433 IMG_7452 IMG_7462 IMG_7472

One thing at a time.

Tool cabinet. One thing at a time.


I took all the hand-tools off the wall though to see how I’ll best get them in the cabinet. When it’s done it will certainly be nice that everything has a place, but also that it’s out of sight when not in use – not just a cluttery wall of tools on nails. Also, no matter how messy the shop or garage gets, whenever I get to any slow and patient hand tool work, it will start with having everything in it’s place. Or that’s the plan.

A little less time for this lately though. A little more record things, and (as you saw in earlier posts) beach things. And just taking the time out to hug the dog.


What a Rush (…of Randomness)

Christmas came and went. Great times with family around the state, and a quiet Christmas morning at home in Jacksonville. Mabel likes her kitchen.


Santa is down with Mabel’s signature salutation.

Parenting is spinning out of control as my daughter becomes a mall rat…

…and a reindeer.  She’s fond of mammals.

Speaking of things out of control.  My daughters first prank? A few nights ago… she should be sleeping in her crib. Instead, she throws her pacifier on the ground and keeps saying ‘uh oh, uh oh’.  When you go into the room to help, she starts laughing hysterically. She did this twice before she actually fell asleep.

And more randomness…

I got hit in the head with a large enough tree limb to change my week.  I’m been to the ER twice so far in 2013.  Done doing that hopefully.

There is a new record store in Five Points called Deep Search Records. Check them out here. And more importantly in person when you go to buy something.

A friend put together a neat mix of music I thoroughly enjoyed. Listen here.

At some point I watched this Pink Floyd documentary on Youtube.

I’ve been hitting such things as these pretty hard on Netflix too these days. Being home with a head injury and all. More on the Netflix recently watched later…

And now you’re up to date.

Computer Junk Not Working. And the Opposite..?

So the website I use to send my Instagram pictures I post from my phone to the blog, If This Then That, stopped sending the pictures.  I am working on it, and sent them a ticket. But, you know, whatever.  I have too many pictures to sift through from the past few weeks to put some good ones up on Mabel Land anyway.  The last post was about Halloween. I’ll get on that instead.

Speaking of things not working, here’s Mabel taking a break from raking leaves.



And for that ‘opposite’ in the title. People working, and it having nothing to do with computer stuff. Here’s a few neat old woodworking pictures I found.

Anaheim Union High School, Girl’s Wood Shop Class. Circa 1921-1922.



You can zoom in here.

And here’s a picture from a 1930’s woodshop class at Clemson.


Trading Candy

Now that Mabel’s got a small bag of candy, it’s time to start trading.

I plan on attending amazing tea parties.

Mabel and I went on quite the leaf-hunting excursion this morning. Of course, getting the acorns and sticks out of the way first is a must.

All these fresh fall leaves and no place to put them.  We have to plan ahead and assume more leaves will be collected.  Fall means Christmas is coming and leaves mean making imaginary tea.  So on Friday I started this kitchen for Mabel.  It’s the only way I’m sure to get invited to all the tea parties.

A cabinet door, the knobs and stovetop, and the sink, faucet and backsplash and then we’re ready to roll.  ‘Ready to roll’ as in Amber’s awesome painting skills come into play.  And of course I’ll make a pantry, too.  It’s going to be great. This morning I made the ‘oven door’. Forgive the coffee cup holding it up.  Gotta be shiny clean at at my desk for work at 10am. Only so much time.

Here’s how I made the oven door for those dying to know. The whole door is cut oversized since the hinge type is to have it lay over the ‘oven’  opening.  Then cut out a slightly undersized hole for the plexiglass.

Then a little cleaning up on the opening.

Oh, I installed a (very cheap) new vice I bought. I don’t even know how I did anything without one.  … slower, I guess? It’s mindblowing really, how much something so small helps.   Like my cordless drill. I haven’t touched my other drill since. And I certainly haven’t had to drag an extension cord anywhere.  The need to be wary is real though.  These small progress traps.  How often will I end up paying to replace batteries, etc? Maybe working slow sometimes is nice? I certainly save the quiet hand tool work for when Performance Today is on…


Then I routed a small rabbet on the inside of the opening for the plexiglass.  Here’s that amazing birthday gift again – thanks Amber!

And chiseled out those inside corners to square it off.

And that’s the door.  Well, that and a round-over bit on the edges.  The plexiglass get’s caulked in after the paint.

Earl Grey here I come.

Long Weekend

Friday to Saturday afternoon. In order of appearance.


Dryin fixin w/ grand dude. Followed by bikes and beers.


Early morning swing tests.



Early morning dog butts.


Brunch and books.




Racing stripe upgrade.


Arts market pickles.


And more of this tomorrow.

Books n Bed

Here’s a handful of bad recent pictures from my phone!

Every morning Mabel and I play in the dining room as I try to eat breakfast and wake up with some coffee.  She’s getting more interested in the bookshelves. Soon enough we’ll have to replace the bottom shelf with some of her board books.  But for now, I try to convey to her the basic concepts in her selections from my books.

I finished the top of the bed and got to put that all together. The huge drawers are already insanely helpful.

I got the footer all glued up, too. Planing the top even…

While the glue dried on that I started planing some of the butternut boards. It’ll still be 4-5 months before they are dry and stable enough to use. Until then, I’m going to get a handful of the boards rough planed to keep in the shop. It might make for better dry time. But I don’t want to do it with all the boards since A.) I don ‘t have space, and B.) they might dry too fast, and crack. I’ve read enough to know it’s an inexact science. I’m using my planer and jointer, and when Mabel is sleeping I use my hand planes (picture in previous post). I’m thinking of it as good hand plane practice too, since I don’t want to have to rip everything down to 12″ or less. At least a few of the of the larger planks I’d like to keep the width of…

And I found a bullet in the heartwood of one of the boards! Cut right through the lead and copper on the bandsaw.

Vacation Pictures

Always fun, right?  In the next few days I’ll be putting some more up at Mabel Land.  Sort of a big deal being her first time out of the state and all.


She never looks at the camera when you want her to…




Busy Having Fun

Mabel has been busy. See what she’s been up to this February at Mabel Land.