The Body, Assembly of Light Choir, Civilization

Perfect good times last night.  It was one of the highlights of the year for sure.

The Body and choir were amazing.  I’m glad it’s getting good coverage.  The Body record got so many well deserved great reviews, it’s only fitting that something as amazing as touring with the choir from the record be what they do next.  If they are coming to your town, don’t miss it!

Really, they are nice people.

And we (Civilization) didn’t mess up nearly as much as we could have.  It was tight that some people were into the Infest cover, too.

Here are some clips for the show.  My friend Mark filmed the Civilization set and I filmed the rest.







Clay Doran, one of the genius people responsible for the warehouse and making Jacksonville awesome, put up some pictures from the show here.  Some of the pictures at the top are his.

I put up a few random pictures from the show here.


The South “Sick Pits Bro Sesh” 7″

This 7″ was released in June 2003 by Paul of Perpetual Motion Machine Records and myself with Dead Tank Records, just in time for the band’s Summer tour.  540 copies on black vinyl. 100 were packaged in two-color silkscreened covers for tour and 440 were packaged in one color offset printed covers.

It’s a quick and urgent four song followup to the debut “Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!” LP I had released a year prior.  The trio known as The South were from St. Augustine, Fl and consisted of Jacob Hamilton on guitar, Jeff McNally on bass, and Ryan Verzall on drums.  Think chaotic and dynamic hardcore.  In the past, references have been made to Palatka, Eurich, End Of The Century Party and Assfactor 4, but these dudes cover all that ground and more with this solid release. 

Download it here.

Bad Baths & Rad Radishes

This weekend started out with a trip to Deland (one of my favorite places, but that is a blog for another time) to see Josh’s new band, Roamers, and old band, Civilization, play!  They were great, but the crowd consisted of an overabundance of teens and EARLY twenty-somethings.  I am not sure at what age it becomes unacceptable for me to hang out with kids ten years my junior, but I think it is fast approaching.  Especially when one of them kept trying to convince me to ‘get wasted and camp out in the back yard.’  Apparently, my Camelbak water bottle wasn’t all that cool.  Oh, and did I mention that I also brought, not one, but THREE books?…in case I found some downtime at the show.  In any event, it is always great to see Josh play (or hear him play from the driveway out front because crowded rooms freak me out).

During our short trip, Hannah visited her friends at Pet Paradise.  While they reassure me that she ‘has a great time,’ she still shakes like a leaf whenever we drop her off.  AND to make matters worse, she has to get a bath right when we pick her up.  She hates baths making the whole ‘my family left me to hang out in Deland’ experience that much worse.

On another note, our winter garden has produced beautiful radishes!

Turns out, Josh and I just discovered that we are not too keen on radishes and you really can’t do much with them except put them on salads and make decorative flowers.  Oh well.  Now we know for next year.

Today finds us both back to work, but this week should be exciting.  Josh is presenting to a bunch of 10th graders on Thursday night about becoming a librarian and all the cool stuff you can do at work.  And we are joining our friends for a Valentine’s Indian dinner on Friday at Cozy Tea!

And on Saturday, Josh works and I am convening with other members of my book club for ‘Harry Potter Movie Marathon, Part 1.’  This means I’ll be watching three HP movies in a row that day.  It may be the only Saturday in history that Josh is truly happy to be working…otherwise, I would have dragged him along.

Deleon Springs is not just for pancakes anymore.

First weekend in February, a little rock and roll on Friday.  It was fun.  Three of my cousins and my sister were there.  Amber was a super-trooper and drove!

Idiots on Ice and Critter played first and second.  Both very rockin’ types of bands. Idiots on Ice covered “Hey Hey My My” by Neil Young.  Super odd, since Roamers does too.  Below is Roamers playing our first show.

Playing with Civilization was fun. We haven’t played out a lot since Erik broke his foot. People were definitely going nuts and singing along.

I’m very glad that Nathan set up this show for us, and it was super cool of Judy to has us play her house! Some more pictures (mostly taken by Zach- thanks!) are here.


There is a new band from Jacksonville called Roamers. Listen to them here.  This is a recording from when we practiced Wednesday morning. 

Yeah, we start practice at 9am.  Coffee > Beer.

Stuart plays drums.  Andrew plays bass. And I play guitar and sing.

Warm Hands

Warm Hands

I saw this band for the first time recently at a house show in Avondale (fancy right?).  It’s member’s draw a striking resemblance to Starring Daggers and Gypsy Spit, insofar as it’s mostly the same people.  Past accolades for due time in these acts or individual members other bands, such as Casey Jones or Skatekorpse, aside, these four gentlemen are forging ahead with something interesting.  It’s definitely chaotic hardcore. I like how the guitar isn’t over the top distorted.  But the overall sound of the band is tough, for lack of a better word.

They recently recorded a demo that you can listen to in it’s entirety here.  I haven’t messed around too much with this Bandcamp website stuff, but I like it so far.  It hosts your music for you – it won’t even let you upload MP3’s since the quality of that format is so bad. And you can set it up to charge people for the downloads etc.

The above picture is from Clay Doran’s Flickr page.  See more of those here.

Tourist Trap

So this band once existed for about a year in Jacksonville, Florida called Tourist Trap.  Forgive the slight bias I have as a guitarist in the band, but we were really good.  It’s funny how bands can exist as a flash in the pan, or inversely, something akin to institution – sometimes faltering, but always there.  Unending.  As a band, we all got more or less busy with other things or uninterested.  Or maybe just the  subconscious burning out vs fading away on our heels got the best of us.  Maybe that’s saying too much, being too serious, for what is essentially just another hardcore punk band.  Although, Jacksonville doesn’t have many of those – so our time in the (Florida) sun was enjoyed.

This video’s introduction with the Reax logo is all too fitting.  Remember when Tom from Jaxscene worked there? For like 4 months?  That’s just it. Stuff just doesn’t last, eh?

Equally befitting is this flyer from the first show. The one we didn’t play because a picnic table full of people collapsed on Christiana’s (singer) leg.  The night was spent in two different hospitals instead of a show.   I think Shanty Town has gotten new tables since then.

So yes, ending won over unending, and that’s that.

Regardless, we recorded some songs with Tom Essex of Skinny Records fame.  Here they are, in – actually – a particular order.  More or less the order we wrote them.  Enjoy.

The last song, Legal Drugs, was one we never played out. Erik is singing.

You can also check out the band webpage here. Some more videos, pictures, and some one microphone recordings.