A bit of a lull is posting here. Gee, I wonder why?

Also not quite as many pictures.  Same reason.

Mabel did get to go to the park and watch some bike polo over the weekend, though.

She was excited.

Mother's Day Weekend

The weekend of lots of eating.

Well, I worked Friday. Friday night was Indian food at the Tea Room place in Five Points. Super good food, but maybe not enough of it for me.

Saturday was of course more working. Although I used my lunch break to try and catch Thou playing at zombie bikes. They showed up late. So instead, I helped build the velodrome a bit and mostly witness a snow ball fight. Not bad for a Florida summer lunch break.

Got to say howdy to Brian from Thou, got some records. And went back to work. I must say, that band is a bunch of troopers. Gainesville Friday night till 4am. Matinee show in Jacksonville on Saturday, then drive to Miami for a show Saturday night. Sunday they played in Pensacola. Wow. Mega props.

I haven’t heard them much before I got the records. And now that I have a new record needle (YES), I was able to check them out. I like it a lot. It’s funny how much it reminds me of his old band I did a CD for, Dear Diary I Seem to Be Dead. Bummed I couldn’t stay to see them play, but all in all good times.

Saturday night was food with the in-laws. Very awesome and fun hanging. Although Towncenter is always crazy and full of very odd people – or maybe exceedingly normal people.

Sunday morning was breakfast at the Fox and some house chillin.

Her parents have a few very large staghorn ferns that have been in the family for years. They brought one over for the tree in our front yard! It looks rad!

Zines at RAM

Matt from the BikeJax blog did a post about the zine collection being at RAM.

Check it out here.

Burro Bags Video

New Zombie Bikes

On Friday my friend Elizabeth and I biked up to the new Zombie bikes location.   It’s close to the corner of Main St. and First St. – across Main from the Pearl and down First a bit. There we met up with Joe Gaskin and he toured us around the new facility, which is very much in it’s infancy.

So a lot of work needs to be done – mostly organizing and cleaning.   Last week Gary and Joe constructed this stage though.  Having it be a venue for Mic and Bike III definitely got discussed and I’m excited.

The building used to be a facility for making “BacZymes”, a pet deodorizer spray. Seeing as how they have more than a few 55 gallon drums of the stuff, you may be seeing Zombie Bikes getting into the pet deodorizer business.

Check out all the photos from my visit here.

Harvest of Hope, Gardening, Urban Jax Weekly.

Starting here at Monday and working backwards though..

Monday Morning:  Internet Show

Picture of pictures taking pictures leads to internet vortex.

Perilous Percolations

My associate Andrew Coulon and I were on Urban Jacksonville Weekly today to talk about the Zine Collection.  You can listen to the show at It starts actually going around the 5 minute mark.

Sunday: Yard Advancements

Friday and Saturday:  Harvest of Hope Festival

Here’s a quick pictorial update.  The rest of the pictures are at