“A better present makes for a good past and future.”

My mornings usually start pretty early with Mabel waking up, us both having breakfast and then us taking a walk or reading.  Once a week though I work the later shift, so I get more time in the morning after she goes to daycare.

This morning I took my friend up on his offer to use his kayak and dock.   I was only out for about an hour, but it was nice.  I took a few pictures on my camerphone.


Bathing Geese.

I got some of the random house chores done, then had a little time to be in the shop.  A few days prior I picked up 6 logs or so of pear wood (from the side of the road of course).   Only two over 2′ long and 6″ wide, but I’m still pretty excited about it since I was just reading the Krenov book and he’s constantly referring to pear wood as his favorite to work with.