What a Rush (…of Randomness)

Christmas came and went. Great times with family around the state, and a quiet Christmas morning at home in Jacksonville. Mabel likes her kitchen.


Santa is down with Mabel’s signature salutation.

Parenting is spinning out of control as my daughter becomes a mall rat…

…and a reindeer.  She’s fond of mammals.

Speaking of things out of control.  My daughters first prank? A few nights ago… she should be sleeping in her crib. Instead, she throws her pacifier on the ground and keeps saying ‘uh oh, uh oh’.  When you go into the room to help, she starts laughing hysterically. She did this twice before she actually fell asleep.

And more randomness…

I got hit in the head with a large enough tree limb to change my week.  I’m been to the ER twice so far in 2013.  Done doing that hopefully.

There is a new record store in Five Points called Deep Search Records. Check them out here. And more importantly in person when you go to buy something.

A friend put together a neat mix of music I thoroughly enjoyed. Listen here.

At some point I watched this Pink Floyd documentary on Youtube.

I’ve been hitting such things as these pretty hard on Netflix too these days. Being home with a head injury and all. More on the Netflix recently watched later…

And now you’re up to date.

Vacation Pictures

Always fun, right?  In the next few days I’ll be putting some more up at Mabel Land.  Sort of a big deal being her first time out of the state and all.


She never looks at the camera when you want her to…




Birthday Box

For my dad’s birthday / father’s day I made him a box. Here’s it is completed.

The sides are walnut and the corner splines are maple. The top is cedar from a tree he took down on his property where my sister and I grew up.

Here’s a corner and top detail.

Here’s some shots of glue ups.

The paper shims are to keep the spacing of the top uniform.

This is the top panel, resawn and planed, before I cut it to size.  I flipped it around for the box top, since in the picture it looks like a pretty angry something…

An older post about turning the tree into usable boards is here.

Tractor time

Be sure to check out all the work Mabel, Jayla and I got done on the tractor.  Actually we didn’t do much. We mostly just went to the springs and had a blast.  Read about it here.

Up, up, up.

Click to view larger image.


Don’t worry, folks!  All is okay on the home front.

After a bit of deliberation (and a surprise move on my part) Josh and I decided to split this blog a bit to make it more user friendly.  In fact, we’ve created a second, brand spankin’ new blog called Mabel Land.  That site is going to feature all of our posts about our favorite family member under the age of one, home improvement, DIY projects, etc.  This site might continue to have a bit of that, but is mainly going to be dedicated to Josh’s woodworking, music, zines, fun internet finds.  Both sites will be awesome, so bookmark them, put them on your blog reader, whatever you have to do…but keep coming back.  We love you guys.

We think this is a good move.  We hope you will too.

Happy Trails.

Mabel Mail

This is a heads up that Mabel has some more mail for you coming soon.  If you got a postcard last time, you should be getting a ‘lil something come February.  If you want to get Mabel mail in the future, be sure to email us your address to deadtank@gmail.com.


Camera Phone Update


First day of school.



Friends at the drums.


Dad n daughter coat closet.


Christmas 2011

Here are some pictures from the holidays. These and the rest are on Flickr, here.


A few pictures from the first part of December anyway…

Cousin party.

Friends at the library

Under tables at Moon River

Salvage yard

Tallahasee lights