The Countdown

The countdown is upon us.  It has been for a while, but I think lately with a bit more gusto. Maybe it’s the heat or smoke, but whatever the reason, things you could  hear around our house frequently include – “100 more days”,  “6 weekends off” or, after a particularly not-so-good nights sleep, “that was like practice.”

So the countdown is on.  Not in a bad way though. Everything being done between now and baby time isn’t some grueling trudge towards the annals of wasted time.     It’s more a celebration.  Obviously, having a daughter is going to be an awesome celebration. But for now we’re making sure to celebrate (and appreciate) something as simple as that full night of sleep.

Here’s some pictures of stuff we did last weekend to celebrate,  some of it is a bit more interesting than getting a full night of sleep.

We went to the Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art.

They had up parts of the regular collection, which we had never really seen before.

And a special exhibit on Howard Finster. And special is the right word.  It was actually pretty interesting.

We did the family thing for a bit too in St. Augustine.  It was hot and smokey out, so very few of us could keep their eyes open long enough for a picture outside.

 Sun in Eyes 2

We celebrated some birthdays at The Floridian.

And actually went inside the Lightner Museum, instead of just parking at it. We arrived just in time for a small tour of the automated music players. It was awesome!

We also got to see some of these manual style instruments.

…even got some of that on tape here.
I got an amazing jazz band to come play for kids and teach them about music.

They even played some songs the kids would recognize.

And, I got to hang with these two dudes when I went fishing.

The countdown has been awesome.

See more pictures and video here.