Audio Rack Commission pt. 1

There was a point, probably around college, that I was into electronic music doo-dads and computer music, etc.  Much like being into computers, I haven’t kept up with it.   I use the same program to record stuff, the same mics, the same 4 track as a mixer that I pretty much did in high school.  It’s fun, but for as much as I use it, putting any money into it would be a waste.  Even now, stuff I don’t use with a certain frequency I try to pass along.   Anyway –  I don’t think it’d be able to do much of anything with this modular synth except make some random bleeps and boops.  But some local talent came to me asking about a custom rack for his bleep machine, and that I can do.

Here’s the box glue up. 3/4″ birch plywood with rabbeted corner joints.

The back panel sits in a groove cut for it and lifts out the top.  Cutting ventilation holes.

Rack unit in place.  The final box will have walnut frame over all plywood joint and edges.  Extra space is above the rack per request; he said he’ll be getting another unit soon.

And yes, he took all the fancy electronics out of the unit so I could borrow it for the build. Expensive electronics and wood dust don’t sound like friends.

Making things…

While I feel like most people in first world countries might get a little caught up in the consumer side of ‘making things’ – whatever the art may be, that is, buying the things to make the things.   Sometimes you have to appreciate simplicity. ..and dexterity.

You Should Feel Bad, You Missed My Birthday.

Actually, I have about two months to go for the whole birthday thing.  A few days ago Amber and I skipped the cake and she just got me a birthday present.

Amber, in her pregnant wisdom (she does have two brains inside her right now), decided to give me my awesome birthday present a bit early.  She got me a  Canon Ti1 Digital SLR.   I’m not going to get into all the technical details or anything, just suffice to say it’s awesome.  Seriously.  This picture is one I stole from someone’s website.  Apparently it’s such a great camera this person owns four of them.

Maybe five.

Probably five. I mean, how else did they take the picture of the four they have? That’s the problem I ran into. The only limitation this camera presents so far is that it cannot take a picture of itself**. (btw, you know camera companies can make a camera that takes a picture of itself, they just want you to buy two cameras.)

I’ve been taking more pictures with the film SLR’s I have here and there (…and there) – slightly to the dismay of my wallet.  I also take more pictures with my pocket sized digital camera than most digital camera salesmen.    I’m sure I’ll still use my film cameras, and hopefully better, since I can take a bazillion shots on this one to practice and not spend a dime.

The pregnant wisdom really kicks into high gear when you consider since I have my gift early, I have plenty of time to practice before the kid comes – when I take even more pictures.

She also got me a really good book on how to use the camera.   There has been a lot of  ‘read a page, try it out, read a page try it out.’  I think it’ll be neat to (obviously) learn new things about how it works, but also see my progression.  So I guess hopefully one day I can look back at these pictures and be artistically embarrassed. Anyway, here’s some random shots so far.  (Ok – not random. I mean, I did pull out the ones I thought were a bit better.)

**I could have used a mirror.

It’s my camera bag! According to my camera, this was the 95th picture I took with it. About 30 of those are of this camera bag. Count your lucky stars you only have to see one.

Really, I’m picking out interesting ones.  I just looked through ten different pictures of the dining room floor. nose.

For what’s it’s worth, this is probably the best picture I’ve ever taken on an onion.

Things Begun…

Not quite either of these, thank you very much.  But yes, if you have a Tumblr, follow me

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Like this?


New stuff!

So, fairly simultaneously, I finished painting and installing the cabinets for the laundry room of our house and got a new camera.

The cabinets are from my parents house.  I wrote about that a while back.  The countertop is by a guy I met at the Riverside Arts Markets. He has a commercial woodshop that I went to see on my lunch break one day. It was awesome. And after pricing countertops at Lowes, or even pricing a sheet of formica laminate, I realized it’s be cheaper to have this guy do it.   Especially because I wasn’t to savvy on inviting me messing up a perfectly good $150 piece of formica, only to spend another $150 to try again.

We still haven’t installed the sink. We’re getting a different one with one large tub, instead of two separate ones.

Anyway, the picture above is with the old camera.  Here is one with the new camera. Ironically, it may actually look a little grainy since I had it set to take huge pictures.

Although the real difference is fairly obvious. Well, one of two things are happening.  My new camera turns dogs into bones –  or turns dogs into cats.

Here is the other new cabinet. I still haven’t built a permanent top for it.

And the new cabinet with the new camera…

Again, I’m not quite sure what’s going on, but the lack of dog is pervasive.  It should be noted that I haven’t seen Hannah since the taking of this picture.

I recently read about the first digital camera ever developed.  December of 1975.  And here I thought when I got a Commodore 64 I was this advanced computing prodigious child.

The camera stored the images on a cassette tape! The fact that I “store” LPs on cassette tapes to listen to in my car is archaic to most.  I don’t know what’s more neo-luddistic – having a bunch of records, or having a tape deck in your vehicle.