Monsanto, Here and Abroad.

In the US.


More here.

And in Hungary.

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So sadly true. So funny. So good.




Read the whole thing here.

Jubinsky TV

Amber was on the news – check it out here.   =)

Hungary’s Toxic Aluminium Spill

There’s a section of Hungary known as the red sludge disaster zone, where the land was ravaged by toxic waste in 2010.

The link has more pictures, as well as details of the environmental effects of something like this.

Also, for some reason I’ve posted about spills twice in the past week.  Just coincidence.

School Lunch

I read a neat article on NPR here, about a 9 year old Scottish school girl, Martha, who, with her dads help, writes a blog of food reviews of her daily school lunches.  She rates them on taste, mouthfuls, number of courses, healthiness and pieces of hair.   Her blog is here.  For a split second, the local Scottish governing council said she couldn’t publish pictures of school food anymore. Quickly lifting the ban after a wave of protest,  Martha resumed her (mostly favorable) reviews, and in the process raised a lot of money for a hunger charity she started.

I thought of three things as I was reading this – from Jacksonville, FL, a city with one of the worst school systems in the state (which is about average in the US).

1. These lunches look amazing.  I haven’t seen any school lunches similar in the US.  We feed our kids such crap.

2. Of course this wasn’t a nine year old in the US.  They don’t have time for this stuff.  At best, they’re too busy worried about standardized testing.

3. What a great father. So many great lessons in what Martha is doing.

How the US Crushed Youth Resistance

So by now we’ve probably all seen that Time Magazine’s person of the year is the protester.   I thought it was a good read and beats last years Mark Zuckerberg, or 2006’s ‘you’ – which I thought was sort of a cop out.

I read an article today that certainly makes a good companion of the Times’ article.  It’s 8 Reasons Young Americans Don’t Fight Back; How the US Crushed Youth Resistance.  I don’t normally pass along articles through the blog, so maybe you’ll find it worth your time.  Read it here.

Certainly, 8 things to avoid in any case.

Testing… testing… 1, 2, 3…

Not bad for a Monday, really.

I got to meet a bunch of people I hear nearly everyday on the radio.  That was surreal.

And then I got talk for five minutes about a new program I’m doing at the library.  That segment is near the end.

You can listen to the show here.

I said ‘um’ about 9 times.

The first speaker was the new city council president.  It was nice to hear he’s all about the city helping promote education, not so nice was that he doesn’t necessarily equate that with library funding.  I should have called in from the lobby.