I’m keenly aware that I’m no ‘photographer.’ I won’t be having a show anytime soon. Heck, Walgreens develops my pictures. But I still like taking pictures. It’s usually more fun with real film. Digital is neat way to document things, but real film is a way to document things neatly. Not knowing exactly what you’ll be getting back is part of the fun. Especially if you use the camera infrequently and the roll spans a few months.

I have two SLRS. A Yashica that was my fathers, and a newer Canon I got at a garage sale. I haven’t used them enough to tell a whole lot of difference, although I’m more comfortable using the Yashica since I’ve used it longer.

Here’s some pictures off the last two rolls I’ve had developed.

See other pictures developed from this roll here.

These pictures were from December 2010.

Amber took this one.

See other pictures developed from this roll here.

Consumable Artistry and It’s Patrons

Sometimes, I hate art.

I know everything can be appreciated.  Really, I get that.  And me? I think I have this real knack for being positive.  Usually if you want to complain about crap, I’m not the man for the job. My version of the helpful thing to do is help you look on the bright side – and,well, sometimes people would rather complain and be in that funky mood.  Most people don’t want to hear the bright side, I respect that.  But sometimes art – I can’t respect it.  Sometimes it’s stupid.  And just like everything else in our digital world, getting faster and faster; art is getting stupid with an unrelenting speed.

Take this for example.

It’s actual rather witty and enjoyable.  I had some concerns of course;  did the store regulars get pissed off? What if regular customers went to another store, and realized they like that one better? Now this poor store owner may actually lose money in the long run…  I guess it’s good he’s making money.  But, what a potentially frustrating experience.

The witticisms really amp up when you go to the groups website.  Look at what you can buy…

It really is sort of funny.  But with art, there are those times I look at what people create and think “that’s at least interesting,” or “I see the value in that.”  But increasingly I just think it’s a waste of time. I guess I”m sort of hung up on this western philosophy of using your time well.  You know, that quote about  time being the thing we have the most of, yet the thing we waste the most.   I feel validated by peoples comments on the Youtube video though.

“re-purposed as art”??? How about something worthwhile like FEEDING THE POOR!!! Fuckin poser “artists”

the next time i take a dump, and it leaves a skidmark, im going to make a video on it pretending to be a hipster making art….

The internet is truly making the world a better place. This is genuine, unadulterated, artistic dialogue.  I’d imagine one purpose of art is getting a reaction.  Is a band with no fans good? Is art without a viewer art? If these hipster artists fell in the woods would anyone care?  So they got a reaction, and might get some money – good for them.


It’s funny. My reaction to these dumb and bored (or productive and genius) people got me thinking about a painting I saw when in San Francisco.  I thought of this painting because it did so well what the above ‘art project’ does so poorly.  The painting stood out from everything else I was seeing at the time. Sorry ‘store buy out’ people – that fact that your project is online means it entirely does not stand out whatsoever.

While in San Fransico, I went to the DeYoung Museum. I went because I saw they had a exhibit called “Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cézanne and Beyond: Post-Impressionist Masterpieces from the Musée d’Orsay.”  As you may have guessed from this post I don’t know much about art.  One childhood family vacation to DC, mixed with some books I had, got me interested in Impressionism – the painted and musical kind.  Between having heard of Van Gogh and wanting to know (through a very literal translation) what happened after Impressionism, I decided to go.

So there I was,  looking at a lot of paintings I recognized from calendars that hit the 80% off sale mark in April.  But I was doing what I thought was a good job of appreciating them.  I had plenty of time, and actually looked up a good deal of the paintings on my phone to read more about them and the artist.  I hoped on a few tour that other people had to pay for. It worked for me.

Then I turned a corner and saw this.

It was the best painting they had.  It was awesome.

I was surrounded by pictures of landscapes and people looking at me. But leave it up to Vilhelm Hammershoi (1864-1916) to get me to pay attention and  react in a room of paintings by his better known peers. It’s called “Hvile”, the Danish word for ‘rest’ – which it is also referred to as.   Apparently, Hammershoi invented the ‘back portrait’.

At the time, it was amazingly unnerving. “What’s going on is this picture? She’s.. she’s facing the wrong way.  Should I notify security or something?”  And months later, after seeing those silly ‘store buyout’ kids and thinking that’s rather lame, I thought of this picture and how not lame it was.

The problem was – the only thing I remembered about it was what it looked like.  I had no luck searching for a painting as “lady facing away” or some such.  For the sake of knowledge I guess, I called up the museum.  After being transferred a few times, Dave (or Mike maybe? Sorry Dave/Mike) was very helpful, knew exactly what painting I was insanely trying to describe, and looked up the painters name for me. I feel like the universe owed me one after helping a handful of random library patrons find things like “a red book with a llama who wears a hat.”  It was awesome.

That’s a good reaction to have to art you don’t hate.

Garden Dudes

Saw two of these dudes yesterday.  I put the keys there for scale.  These caterpillars are huge!  And they should be since they are on a very steady diet of leaves from my jalapeno pepper plants.  I’ve been getting more jalapenos from the garden than I can make nachos for, and trust me – I’m trying to make nachos every night.  Pregnant ladies have those weird food aversions and cravings, you know? And apparently nachos every night isn’t what pregnant ladies want.  But these green dudes, they were all about the jalapenos.  They came out of nowhere though. It wasn’t like I saw little baby versions of them or anything. I was just watering yesterday and noticed a plant was missing half it’s leaves.

Lots of tomatoes and lots of jalapenos. Salsa gardening.

Three Little Speckled Frogs!

There is a song I sing every week with my Toddler Power Hour class.  I play the guitar and sing and the kids all have various instruments that rattle about.

It’s the big finale.

At one point I tried to sing a different ending song to the storytime.  After that song about dinosaurs or whatever it was clear the toddler were not satiated.  A room full of 2 year olds just sat drooling at me and demanding ‘the frog song.’

So it’s always the big finale.

Gruven, one of the toddlers, came in with a bunch of cookies today.  One special one for me.

They were the tastiest frogs I ever had!  Thanks Gruven!

Joe Berg Seminar

Thanks again to the students of Jacksonville’s Joe Berg Society for being so interested in the Zine Collection!  Last night I got to run a seminar basically about myself, my job, and the zine collection.   It was a fun and very different sort of library outreach for me.   I got to talk about being in bands, tours, having a record label and store, and booking shows.   And then got to talk about how I get to do a lot of those same things with my job.   Hopefully now we’ve got another 80 rad teens stoked on the collection and the library.  They had really good questions and checked out some of my favorite zines.

For more information on my new favorite group of high school students, go here.


The one-eared dog?


Me and My Boss's, Boss's, Boss's Boss.

The Mayor.