There is a new band from Jacksonville called Roamers. Listen to them here.  This is a recording from when we practiced Wednesday morning. 

Yeah, we start practice at 9am.  Coffee > Beer.

Stuart plays drums.  Andrew plays bass. And I play guitar and sing.

Civilization LP Review

Mr. Moyer reviewed the Civilization LP on the online music blog Ink 19.  Here’s the review.

“Recently opining late last year that there weren’t all that many duos making their name in doom/sludge music, I was promptly disproven by excellent albums from the likes of Eagle Twin, Black Cobra and Dark Castle. Now Jacksonville’s long-running sadness engine Civilization has added their own two cents into that rapidly multiplying sub-sub-genre with their self-titled vinyl LP. The duo of drummer/vocalist Joshua Jubinsky (also head honcho of label Dead Tank) and guitarist/vocalist Erik Hern has been a welcome presence in Northeast Florida venues for several years now, sharing stages with some heavies like Bloody Panda and Skeletonwitch, and this is their first extended foray into recording. But Civilization still has all the verve and brio of an outfit bashing out their first tune in someone else’s garage. Like Eagle Twin, even careful listens don’t give up the ghost that Civilization is only a duo. Their sound is full and crushing, perfectly fine without a bass or second guitar.

What Civilization “does” is no-frills doom, suffused with a background of hardcore punk, that is spry and kinetic. On Civilization, you’ll be as likely to hear echoes of Grief, Weedeater and Eyehategod, as you will Nirvana circa Bleach, Celtic Frost, and His Hero Is Gone. Jubinsky is a loose-limbed and groovy drummer along the lines of the Melvins’ Dale Crover, adding cool fills and flourishes where otherwise there might just be the flat hiss of a cymbal and a pregnant pause. Hern works his way through all manner of downtuned riffery and diabolus en musica, careful not to let a note bleed too long (that’s just lazy), and throwing in really evil riffs aplenty. The vocals follow the time-honored template of outfits like Extreme Noise Terror and Carcass, with Hern supplying the higher, raspy parts and Jubinsky no doubt destroying his vocal chords with the lower, guttural shouts.

Available as a vinyl-only release, this is an aesthetically pleasing album all around — the vinyl is colored like a block of veined granite and the screen-printed cover is a nice, eye-catching touch. Support good local music — soon it’s all there’s gonna be.”

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Playing with new recording toys

I got some time to record some music over the last few days. Nothing insane here, just chill time in the garage with some beers.

Here are two Mp3s.
One from March 1st
and one from March 3rd

Learnin’, learnin’.

One Beast Band

Holy hell.  I ordered this and it came yesterday.   I know this seems like your standard ‘aging punk mixed with that quiet indie rocker I’m gonna record a solo record’ crap, but..  well, that is exactly what’s going on here.

This year is catching up to me fast, and seriously – it’s 2010.  Let’s roll out some technology people.  A robot isn’t cleaning my house, so what else can I get?  Oh yes, I need a USB audio interface that sounds crystal clear.  You know, so when I track and record the noisiest messed up grind songs in my garage it sounds like the bomb.  That, and I have internet at my house now.   Late winters, economy and earthquakes be damned, 2010 will work out just fine.

Unfun nerd facts about this little box.  It’s called a Tascam US-100.  One 1/4″ guitar cable jack and an XLR Mic Jack.  Preamped inputs to digitize vinyl.

Recovery from all the rad Much Ado About Zines will surely involve some recording.  Tracks to go up up sometime.  I’ll also use it to throw up some rad songs from my record collection to the site.

This headache sucks.  More on Much Ado later.  Punx ruled it.