The Body, Assembly of Light Choir, Civilization

Perfect good times last night.  It was one of the highlights of the year for sure.

The Body and choir were amazing.  I’m glad it’s getting good coverage.  The Body record got so many well deserved great reviews, it’s only fitting that something as amazing as touring with the choir from the record be what they do next.  If they are coming to your town, don’t miss it!

Really, they are nice people.

And we (Civilization) didn’t mess up nearly as much as we could have.  It was tight that some people were into the Infest cover, too.

Here are some clips for the show.  My friend Mark filmed the Civilization set and I filmed the rest.







Clay Doran, one of the genius people responsible for the warehouse and making Jacksonville awesome, put up some pictures from the show here.  Some of the pictures at the top are his.

I put up a few random pictures from the show here.


Crucial Tuesday

Tuesday night is kind of a big deal.  Personally, I really couldn’t think of a more important show happening this year.

Hailing from Providence, RI, THE BODY will be playing Jacksonville Tuesday June 21st at Warehouse 8b . Accompanying them on tour is the Assembly of Light Women’s Choir.  Also playing this only Florida date of the Body tour is Civilization, and Hot Graves.

It’s also Civilization’s last show for a while.  Certainly bittersweet.  The day we started being a band was pretty much the day Erik started playing guitar, and the day I started playing drums (2004? 2005?). We’ve gotten a bit better I think, partially due to the fact that Matt played bass with us a while and made sure we learned a few things.  A good deal of our earlier out town shows were with The Body.

A few years back (quickly turning into ‘too many’) I got an LP from Travis that he had released on his Obscurist Press label. It was the self titled Body LP and it ruled. It was heavy, slow, loud, powerful… The artwork didn’t have the bands name anywhere, just children praying on the cover.  The whole thing was new to me and awe inspiring.  So I did what any self respecting rather nerdy punk rockin kind of person did –  I emailed them, and was sure to include “you guys rule, if you are coming to Florida we’ll set up all the shows and tour with you. ”

Shortly thereafter Civilization (Erik, Matt and myself) met Chip and Lee in Pensacola, FL.  And got to hang out for 7 or so days.  Sleeping on beaches.  Being total rookies and taking the good places to sleep in Tallahassee, even though they had been on tour for months (the only place left over was a cat puked couch with ants on it). Learning from that and making sure we gave them the best places to sleep from there on out.  Eating at Waffle House too much.  Hanging out with rad people.  Since then they’ve come down to Florida with other side projects, and were certainly gracious hosts when Environmental Youth Crunch went farther North than the timely Richmond jaunts.

So come out to the show if you can.  A real convergence of good times past and present.

As an aside. The choir they are touring with is comprised of 14 people.  Quite the van load.  Here’s some video of them performing.

Bust Magazine also did a write up of The Body / Assembly of Light Choir tour here.

Deleon Springs is not just for pancakes anymore.

First weekend in February, a little rock and roll on Friday.  It was fun.  Three of my cousins and my sister were there.  Amber was a super-trooper and drove!

Idiots on Ice and Critter played first and second.  Both very rockin’ types of bands. Idiots on Ice covered “Hey Hey My My” by Neil Young.  Super odd, since Roamers does too.  Below is Roamers playing our first show.

Playing with Civilization was fun. We haven’t played out a lot since Erik broke his foot. People were definitely going nuts and singing along.

I’m very glad that Nathan set up this show for us, and it was super cool of Judy to has us play her house! Some more pictures (mostly taken by Zach- thanks!) are here.

Feb 4th and 5th

Feb 4th in Deland.  Email me for the address.

Feb 5th in Jacksonville

Plan ahead.


Twelve Hour Turn reunion show

The Sinclair last night was a blast from the past.  Twelve Hour Turn, and Army of Ponch both got back together for some fest weekend activities.  Fires, Premadonnasaurs and Landlord also fully killed it. Check out the rest of the pictures here.


October 8th

May 22nd

I’ve never seen MSP before, and I’m definetly pretty excited too.  Erik from Civilization has been on tour with Black Cobra and gets back a few days before this show.  We’ll get to practice and see if we forgot everything or what.  Stoked.