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Video Zine Review

The first of, hopefully, many – here is the first video zine review.  I already have the second one all thought through.  It won’t be nearly as long. And, frankly, it’ll be much more entertaining.

I get to do this at work.  That’s pretty rad.

July 27th Folio

Not too shabby.

Check out a .pdf of the full article here. Thanks a very large ton to John Citrone for such great writing, and despite not working at Folio anymore – for still getting this, not only done, but done very well.

Biblioklept Interview

My neighbor Ed has a very cerebral, and yet down to earth, literary blog called Biblioklept.   After hearing more and more about the zine collection, he asked about interviewing me.

“Jacksonville Public Library’s Zine Collection is one of the first–and largest– such collections in the Southeastern United States. Librarian and collection archivist Josh Jubinsky was kind enough to talk to Biblioklept about the collection, the essence of punk, the future of zines in an increasingly technologically-mediated world, and the million-fart bill. We corresponded via email, although we could have done the interview in person easily–in full disclosure, I should mention that Josh lives down the street from Biblioklept World Headquarters.”

Yeah, over email.  Ed’s good to walk past while I’m walking the dog, run into at Home Depot, have some beers with etc.  But talking shop on the weekends? Naw.

Check out the interview here.  You might become painfully aware that my ‘conversational’ typing is actually just a whole lot of run on sentences.  Sorry!

Zine Collection Video

Clay, Thanks for making the Jacksonvile Public Library Zine Collection the focus of your class project! Watch me on camera very uncomfortably sitting at a chair and table designed for a child.

An Introduction to the Jacksonville Zine Library by Clay Doran


FLA Presentation

Due to my family’s loss, I missed giving my part of the presentation at the Florida Library Associate conference.  The other three in my group filled in for me and did a stellar job from everything I hear.  After Harvest of Hope, Arts Market, Tough Junkie performance, and FLA – I think now everyone on the zine committee is looking forward to a little bit of rest.

Here’s a link to the presentation.

Zines at RAM

Matt from the BikeJax blog did a post about the zine collection being at RAM.

Check it out here.

Zines at Arts Market now!!!



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