Dead Tank Records

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I’ve been releasing friends music since about 2001 with the label. The labels output has increasing focused on groups I’m a part of the last few years. As of 2011 I don’t do anything with the label any more.  I just thought having the information online somewhere for people searching could be useful.

Here are a listing of current and past Dead Tank releases, in order from newest to oldest.  More information on individual releases can be found on the right sidebar. Scroll waaay down.


DTR – 027 Civilization “s/t” LP
DTR – 026 Environmental Youth Crunch “Vicious Fishes” CASS
DTR – 025 Brainworms / Tubers 7″
DTR – 024 Gomek 7″
DTR – 023 Environmental Youth Crunch “Let’s Ride” LP
DTR – 022 Ten Volt Shock “6 Null 3″ CD
DTR – 021 Science of Yabra / Old Growth 7″
DTR – 020 Defiance Ohio / Environmental Youth Crunch 7″
DTR – 019 Merkit / Demian split 7″
DTR – 018 I Object / FxPxO 7″
DTR – 017 Pink Razors / Environmental Youth Crunch 10″
DTR – 016 Emergency Action Boys 7”
DTR – 015 Fiya “Make Joy, Make Strength” CD
DTR – 014 Environmental Youth Crunch CDEP
(Cancelled Release) DTR – 013 FNB Benefit Tape
DTR – 012 Fastplant / In Danger of Dead “Brothers of Board, Partners in Ply” 12″
DTR – 011 Railsplitter “860 Some Odd lbs” LP
DTR – 010 The South / Hypatia 12″
DTR – 008 What’s Yr Damage? / Kodan Armada 7″
(Out of Print) DTR – 007 Dear Diary I Seem To Be Dead CDEP
(Out of Print) DTR – 006 The South “Sic Pits Bro Sesh” 7″
DTR – 005 Fiya “Room For One More” 7″
(Cancelled Release)DTR – 004 Kite Flying Society “Discography”
(Out of Print) DTR – 003 Dead Tank Compilation #1
(Out of Print) DTR – 002 Darius Axis “s/t” 7″
(Out of Print) DTR – 001 The South “Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!”

3 Comments on “Dead Tank Records”

  1. brian easley says:

    how does one go about gettin some kinda copy of chomp chomp chomp. i had one that i bought at the old Pit years ago and it got stolen. please help!

    • Josh Jubinsky says:

      i am way out of the lps, but I emailed it to you. if anyone else wants mp3s of releases, drop me a line and i’ll eventually figure it out.

      • Aaris says:

        I would love to get this re-upped, the link to your old site is dead. I have the LP and ripped it myself years ago, but the first track skips and I didn’t get the last. Still have the MP3s for Chomp Chomp Chomp, and maybe the Fiya 7″? Thanks!

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